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PHOTOANDART (Guru of Inspiration) is about some kind of direct or indirect influence. It is also a quiet / meditative / inspired: sensibility or state.

These relate directly to opposite values / forces: for example, the best results in radio propagation: the dipole antenna must have: the poise and the counterpoise.

The poise is the antenna which is cut to a specific length, and the counterpoise is its reflective mirror, it is the same exact length, and it acts as a counterbalance for the radio signal. One must utilize both parts to insure proper signal transmission and reception.

This series of music / artworks, in video format, is a study: related to balance and counterbalance, where there is one essential element, at play with its counterpart, or complete opposite:

On this website, I am presenting: 1) works that are informed of this quality: 2) the possibilities (in the scheme of things), 3) our perceptions thereof, in consciousness, and / or in our minds.

Anything becomes potentially possible, and everyone can win something out of the interaction. Also, I encourage you to have your own feelings about what you see on this website.


Photo: 2016_04_04. NYU 50th Anniversary Gala, Tisch School of the Arts, New York, NY. David Rapoport. /// Photo Credit: Studio Booth:

OSTODA: from David Rapoport on Vimeo.

01:07:45. OSTODA (also known as: OSAMU TORU DAVID):

Eastern: experimental jazz Improvisation, live in rehearsal studio (2012): with abstract visuals. Stream of consciousness. We just set up our instruments, turned on the digital recorder, and started to play. The music is what it is.

Video: music-computer-art-movie, video: lights, EFX: added to: 2010 footage: taken late summer that year: in New York City in the twilight. Many times, when I do not look, when I hardly look, when I squint while looking, or when I experience some obscure view or vision of something, I recognize or see it in a completely different way, like I have never seen or experienced it before. Then, I listened.

1) Osamu Fukuzaki, Piano, 2) Toru Hoshino, Upright Bass, 3) David Rapoport, Acoustic Guitar.

Sections of this musical improvisation are included in the documentary interview film (as the motion picture soundtrack) entitled: Charles Traub, Photographer, Chapters 1 and 2.

Special thanks to: GuruDev, Laraaji, Jai Uttal, Brian Eno, Kraftwerk, Charles, Robert, and all of my life teachers.

© 2016 by David Rapoport, Toru Hoshino, and Osamu Fukuzaki.


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